Provider of recipient mares


Since the end of 2021, Care4Mare has been established in Gilze (NL). With a keen eye for horse welfare, owner Priscilla Verhees is specialized in renting out recipient mares. Both the care of the horses as well as the service for the breeders is arranged down to the last detail. Care4Mare’s collaboration with veterinary clinic Dier-N-artsen has already yielded remarkable results in recent years and every breeder can now benefit from this.

Best care and service

The recipient mares are selected on fertility, size and character. Care4Mare has a database of more than 150 mares, which means that there is a very high chance of perfectly synchronizing one of them with the donor mare. As the recipient mares are strictly selected, they receive optimal care at Care4Mare and they are under supervision of the team of Dier-N-artsen, therefore the chance of success for the mare owner is maximized.

Why choose Care4Mare?

There is a large number of recipients available that meet all the requirements and can therefore be an important link in your breeding success. After weaning, the mare returns to Care4Mare.

The recipients are optimally cared for and veterinary supervised by the expert team of Dier-N-artsen. This veterinary clinic has decades of experience in flushing and transferring embryos.

Besides the best care for the horses, the service for breeders is also paramount at Care4Mare. Because of clear arrangements the breeders will not face any surprises afterwards. Many breeders have already successfully made use of our services.

More information

At our accommodation in Gilze, the recipient mares live in very spacious indoor stables during the winter months, where unlimited hay is available and there is plenty of light, fresh air and peace. In the summer months, the mares can graze in more than 15 hectares of grass fields. At Care4Mare all horse welfare requirements are met. This does not only result in happy mares, but also has a positive effect on their fertility.

Please feel free to visit our stable. We are happy to show you around.

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