Passion for horses

A few years ago, Priscilla Verhees, who grew up among horses herself, has specialized in renting out recipient mares. After an equestrian sports training in Deurne, her focus has shifted more and more to breeding. “For years I focused on birth counseling and inseminations, but now I’m fully committed to renting out recipient mares. Because our entire company is set up for this, we can offer the best care and service. At our location in Gilze I have the opportunity to increase the number of mares and clients even more, without having to make compromises on quality.”

High standards

Everything shows that Care4Mare maintains a high standard regarding the care of the recipient mares. After arrival at the stable in Gilze, they are first brought into optimal condition before they can be used for breeding. They live in groups and are supervised day and night to ensure that they lack nothing. “When I do something, I want to do it right and I take the care of the horses very seriously. All horses are treated by the dentist, they go to the farrier regularly and are also closely monitored by the vet. In addition, they are all vaccinated for tetanus, strangles and influenza, and of course they are regularly dewormed. The mares should not lack anything, that is where I stand for!”

A special collaboration

Care4Mare has joined forces with veterinary clinic Dier-N-artsen in Oosteind since the beginning of 2021. This renowned clinic has recently merged with Lingehoeve Veterinary and has a professional team led by Rijk-Jan Pleijter, who takes care of the breeding management. The collaboration with Care4Mare appears to be a win-win situation and offers breeders from the Netherlands and abroad the opportunity to make use of this successful formula. At Dier-N-artsen they have over 15 years of experience with embryo transfer and breeders can also make use of their OPU (Ovum Pick Up) service. The transfer of these ICSI embryos can be arranged at Care4Mare as well.

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